Vietnamese Alphabet Symbols

Vietnamese Alphabet Symbols

Vietnamese alphabet symbols and other diacritical markings are used as a way to extend the Vietnamese alphabet system. The Vietnamese alphabet symbols and tones are used in part because the following letters are not part of the Vietnamese alphabet: F, J, W, and Z.

Since you are curious about the Vietnamese alphabet symbols, I will assume that you have already at least seen some of the Vietnamese Alphabet. So, I will use this brief post to focus on the 7 Vietnamese alphabet symbols including: ă, â, đ, ê, ô, ơ and ư.

Vietnamese Alphabet Symbols

Keep in mind that the Vietnamese alphabet symbols are not to be confused with the Vietnamese Tones. The alphabet symbols and tones are two different things. It is possible for them to have both. Therefore, it is a really good idea to learn how to pronounce and recognize the Vietnamese alphabet well before progressing to the tones. You are invited to learn more about both of these in our simple to understand Online Vietnamese Language Course.

ă A with a “smile”
â A with a “hat”
đ D with a “cross”
ê E with a “hat”
ô O with a “hat”
ơ O with a “hook”
ư U with a “hook”

Vietnamese alphabet symbols can be easily confused with the tones. But our Online Vietnamese Language Course makes learning the Vietnamese Alphabets, Vowels, Consonant Clusters & Tones for Beginners simple and easy! Get started today and you can be reading and speaking Vietnamese in no time at all.

The course includes a variety of online learning materials including a fun e-book, charts, cards, and quizzes for you to see what you know! In this way, we make learning Vietnamese fun and exiting. Plus, you can test yourself to see how well you have mastered the information.

The Online Vietnamese Language Course developer learned how to read and speak Vietnamese in less than a year using the information provided in this course. Each student is different, however, you can definitely master the Vietnamese Alphabet Symbols and much more with the information shared in Course 1.

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