Vietnamese Alphabet Chart

Vietnamese Alphabet Chart

Use a Vietnamese alphabet chart to familiarize yourself with the Vietnamese Alphabet. The Vietnamese alphabet are based on the English alphabet. However, as you count the letters in the Vietnamese alphabet chart, you will discover that there are 29 Vietnamese Alphabet!

You may wonder how can there be 29 Vietnamese alphabet when there are only 26 English alphabet. Well, it is interesting to note that only 22 of the letters are actually used. The F, J, W, and Z are not part of the Vietnamese alphabet.Vietnamese Alphabet Chart

So, how does the Vietnamese alphabet end up with 29 letters?!

The Vietnamese alphabet contain alphabet derivatives! You can see these in the Vietnamese Alphabet Chart below. Some may refer to these as the Vietnamese Alphabet Symbols.

Aa Ăă Ââ Bb Cc
Dd Đđ Ee Êê Gg
Hh Ii Kk Ll Mm
Nn Oo Ôô Ơơ Pp
Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu
Ưư Vv Xx Yy

You can quickly and easily learn how to pronounce the Vietnamese alphabet in our Online Vietnamese Language Course. The course is written with a “Vietnamese alphabet to English” sound for easy instruction. Each alphabet is then evaluated further in our  “A Closer Look” sections. In this way, you can become very familiar with saying each Vietnamese Alphabet as well as learn the Vietnamese Vowels, Vietnamese Consonant Clusters & Vietnamese Tones for Beginners. After completing Course 1 and Course 2, you will be able to both read and speak Vietnamese!

In the course, you will find another Vietnamese alphabet chart, Vietnamese vowel chart, Vietnamese consonant cluster chart, and Vietnamese tone chart. Either way, with Course 1, we have got your basics covered! The course is entertaining and progressive. Therefore, if you are serious about learning the Vietnamese Language well, start with Course 1.

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