Vietnamese Vowels

Vietnamese Vowels With Accents

Below you will find a list of Vietnamese vowels with accents. The “accents” are part of the alphabets. Therefore, it is a good idea to learn the Vietnamese alphabet and Vietnamese vowels well, before moving forward to learn the Vietnamese tones.

The Vietnamese vowels include the same vowels that are used in English – a, e, i, o, u, and y. However, the Vietnamese vowel system has been expanded with multiple derivatives. Take a look at the chart to become familiar with the Vietnamese vowels with accents. The Vietnamese Vowel Pronunciation is included in Course 1.

Vietnamese Vowels

Course 1 is designed for complete beginners! It is part of our Online Vietnamese Language Course, so it includes everything you need to learn Vietnamese. We invite you to quickly and easily discover how to learn Vietnamese with!

Vietnamese Vowels With Accents

ă a with a “smile” accent
â a with a “hat” accent
ê e with a “hat” accent
ô o with a “hat” accent
ơ o with a “hook” accent
ư u with a “hook” accent

None of the Vietnamese vowels with accents sound like their related English vowel. In fact, none of them do. However, most of the Vietnamese vowels sound like another English alphabet equivalent. This is where the benefits of learning to speak Vietnamese from a non-native speaker is beneficial!

In our Online Vietnamese Language Course, the Vietnamese Vowel phonetics are given to match an exact English equivalent. Check it out for yourself! There are no “rough’ English equivalents to leave you guessing and filling in the gaps months later. The sound phonetics are exact matches for the Vietnamese Vowels! In this way, our students can quickly move along with learning the Vietnamese Alphabet, Vietnamese Vowels, Vietnamese Tones, and Consonant Clusters to be speaking and reading Vietnamese in no time!


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