How to Make Handmade Mask

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How to Make Handmade Mask

So, I accidentally discovered how to make a really nice handmade mask! And what a happy little discovery it turned out to be. Feel free to skip right down to “How to Make Handmade Mask”…but I’ll share the story.

The Story

After finding a sewing machine under the bed a couple of weeks ago, I got excited about being able to make masks! So, I pulled the sewing machine out of the box and discovered there were no cords or presser foot in the box – ugh! About a week later, the cords and presser foot were located – yay! Well, I got about 1 inch of my mask sewn and the bobbin unthreaded itself and I could not figure out how to re-thread the machine – LOL.

I am a health food blogger, computer savvy online instructor, medical researcher and other things (obviously) but a seamstress I am not. So, if you are reluctant to make a mask (as I was) you do not have to be afraid. I have never sewn much more than some very basic square throw pillows. So, when the sewing machine went on the fritz, I figured I could make one by hand faster than I could figure out the mini mission control station of a sewing machine. So, I am happy to share this little instructional on how to make handmade mask!

I realize that everyone is dealing with different circumstances. Depending on where you are located you may be able to get everything you need from a local store or you may be surprised to discover that you already have it! So, look around to see if you already have everything you need to learn how to make handmade mask. I discovered an entire sewing machine, so look around.

For the fabric, you can also use an old pillow case, sheet, or piece of cotton clothing that you no longer wear to make the mask. I was able to purchase the elastic and fabric for 99 cents each at a local store. Everything else that I needed I actually already had. However, if needed, some of you may be able to order what you need from Amazon. I provided individual links below, but if you discover that you need everything, you can likely get by with a mini sewing kit, a sheet of paper, and cotton fabric.

Warning: These mask are not a substitute for social distancing. They are merely a protective barrier to help protect yourself further.


There are a lot of steps to learning how to make handmade mask. However, they are really easy to make! Once you make one, you can make as many as you need much faster. It took me about 1.5 hours to make the first one and now it takes me all of 45 minutes to make handmade mask.

What You Will Need:

How To Make Handmade Mask

HOW TO MAKE HANDMADE MASK QUICK-START GUIDE (Remember to pull the threads gently on the long sides, but more so on the short sides. See picture below step 4).

Step 1: Cut The Fabric

  1. You will need TWO layers of fabric:
  2. Option 1: Fold your fabric in half with the outside of the fabric facing inside.
  3. Option 2: Place the two fabrics together with the outside of the fabric facing together.
  4. Pin the OPENED envelope near the edge of the fabric.
  5. Cut the fabric to include an additional inch near the fold of the envelope. So, instead of a 9.5in x 4.125in you should end up with approximately a 9.5in x 5in piece of fabric.

Step 2: Cut The Elastic

  1. Cut two pieces of elastic into 7 or 8 inch pieces. The tip of your finger is about 1 inch, so your index finger is about 3 inches long. Also, the long side of the envelope is 9.5 inches, so you can use that as a frame of reference for cutting if you do not have a ruler or tape measurer.
  2. The elastic will go around your ears to keep the mask snug. So, do not cut the elastic too short or it will feel uncomfortable around your ears.
  3. An average man (5’8 tall) will likely need 8 inch pieces while a more petite woman may need 7 inch pieces.

Step 3: Thread The Needle

  1. Get the sewing needle and spool of thread.
  2. Hold the end of the thread between your thumb and index finger.
  3. Then, pull the other end of the thread up to your elbow.
  4. Now, double the threads length so that you have a double strand that is about the length of your forearm.
  5. Put one end of the thread through the tiny hole at the end of the needle.
  6. Once the needle is threaded, tie a single knot at the end of your two strands of thread.

How To Make Handmade Mask

Step 4: Sew The First Part of The Mask

  1. If you cut the fabric correctly, you will be sewing the fabric on the outside of the print. (Upon completion, the mask will be turned inside out, so be sure to sew the elastic on the inside when we get to that part.)
  2. Start at the bottom center of the mask. If the print does not have a top/bottom type of print to it, just start in the middle of the longer side of the fabric.
  3. ELASTIC 1: Once you turn the corner and sew the first stitch, it is time to start adding the first piece and side of your elastic. (The elastic goes INSIDE the cut fabric.) Please refer back to the picture above.
  4. Be sure to place the needle through the elastic 2 – 3 times.
  5. Now gently pull the thread to make the fabric gather a bit along the bottom part that’s sewn. Do not over do it with the thread pulling, only a little pulling is needed.
  6. Continue sewing until you are about a half an inch from the next corner. Place the other end of the elastic between the fabric for sewing before you turn the corner. (The loop should be inside the sewn fabric.) See the picture below.
  7. Now, turn the corner and pull the thread to tighten the side of your mask.

How To Make Handmade Mask

Step 5: Sew The Second Part of The Mask

  1. Proceed to sew the entire top length your mask. (You should be on the opposite long side of the mask at this point.)
  2. ELASTIC 2: Again, once you turn the next corner and sew the first stitch, it is now time to start adding the second piece and side of your elastic.
  3. Remember to gently pull the thread to make the fabric gather a bit across the top.
  4. Sew until you are about half a inch from the next corner and then add the final piece of  elastic in between the material for sewing.
  5. Pull gently on the thread and turn the corner.
  6. At this point, you should be sewing to almost meet the area you start with. Stop sewing about 2 inches before you reach the initial starting point. (You need an opening to turn the mask inside out.
  7. Once the mask is on the correct side, you can sew the opening. I actually sew the first one, but did not sew the others because you can’t see it and it’s not in a crucial part of the mask.
  8. NOTE: The mask shown below has the thread pulled on the ear sides only. So, your mask should look pulled along the nose and chin sides as well for a better fitting mask.

How To Make Handmade Mask

This is how to make handmade mask.