Vietnamese Notes launched in early 2019. Initially, the entire Vietnamese Notes website was my personal online notebook. Therefore, most of the pages were launched privately and there was no related blog. As a professional website designer, blogger and graphic designer, Vietnamese Notes was personally just an easy way for me to organize my Vietnamese Notes!

With time, I decided to make aspects of the website public in order to share what I know with everyone. So, I am in the process of slowly making custom videos, story books, study guides and self-study Vietnamese Language Courses to help shorten the learning curve.

I currently teach various business administration courses at a college in the United States part-time. However, as time permits, I enjoy doing a variety of things including, but not limited to, volunteer teaching, studying, researching, traveling, cooking, writing and learning about the various aspects of different cultures.

If you are learning the Vietnamese Language to participate in a world-wide volunteer work, please do not hesitate to contact us for access to the Notebook.



Some of you may become curious about the little squares sprinkled throughout the website. As a tonal language with multiple dialects, Vietnamese is an inherently challenging language to learn. So, instead of designing a traditional academic-looking educational website, the little square characters were decided upon to provide me (and hopefully you) with some needed “comic relief”.