Language Apps

Vietnamese-English (Dictionary App)

One of the friends recently suggested using a Vietnamese-Dictionary App. While the Vietnamese-English dictionaries are not all of the same quality, I have found one to be useful in learning the various meanings of a word. I have not started using an app, but I am using this online Vietnamese-English dictionary.

Duolingo (Free App)

Many of the friends have enjoyed learning Vietnamese with the free Duolingo App from the very beginning. However, we all learn differently! I tried using the Duolingo App when I was just getting started and did not care for it at all. But, after several months of studying on my own, I decided to check it out again. At this point, I started really enjoying the app to review and fill in some of the gaps! So, go check it out to see if it is a good match for you.

Lingodeer (Limited Free Access, Paid Membership)

I gave the free Lingodeer course a try and was quite impressed! If you are just getting started, I recommend that you at least do the free basic course and go over all of the free Learning Tips and Alphabets. Since our area contains a variety of dialects, I would definitely review the alphabets, vowels, and tones on this website as well according to the specific Vietnamese dialect of interest.

Quizlet – (Flashcard App, Used on Website) 

With Quizlet you can use flash cards, practice spelling, play matching games, take quizzes and more on your computer or smartphone. All of the vocabulary practice buttons located throughout the website are linked to Quizlet.

Anki AnkiApp (Flashcard App)

The AnkiApp is a flashcard app. I have not tried this app because I have already been using Quizlet for everything on the website.

Language Drops (Visual Learners Phone App)

The Language Drops App is an excellent choice for highly-visual learners because each word is associated with a picture. At the time of this writing, you can practice for 5 minutes twice a day for free. Having a busy schedule, I found the 5-minute free version good enough for now to learn some of the things that are not that important to learn right away.

Hello Talk (Free App, Interact with Native Speakers)

The HelloTalk App is a phone app that I just started using. So far, it seems very similar to Instagram. However, it is designed to match native speakers with people that are trying to learn their language. Therefore, it includes tools for people to edit & correct your Vietnamese Pronunciation, Spelling & Grammar while you help others learn English. Therefore, after building my vocabulary, I found the HelloTalk App beneficial to start making conversation.

iTalki (Personal Language Coach)

So far, I have not used iTalki. However, if you are interested in getting a personal language coach, you can check them out.

Pimsleur (Paid Program & App)

I was given a starter Vietnamese Pimsleur CD set. However, when it comes to Vietnamese, I am a visual learner. After listening for several weeks, I had not retained very much at all. Once I was able to see the words in writing, I can now listen to the CD’s to review what I have already learned.