Learn Southern Vietnamese (Course 1)

Book 1 - Course 1 - CoverThe best way to learn Southern Vietnamese is by just getting started. But not just anywhere and in anyway. We invite you to learn Southern Vietnamese in an organized and systematic way with us! The entire course is presented in a digital format. Therefore, whether you are living in the United States, traveling, vacationing, backpacking, or living in Southern Vietnam, you can learn Southern Vietnamese.

SOUTHERN VIETNAMESE – EVERYTHING IS THE SAME…JUST DIFFERENT! is an easy to understand and entertaining Southern Vietnamese Study Guide for Beginners. It was created by a fellow travel enthusiast.

Inside you will be thoroughly introduced to the Vietnamese Alphabets, Vowels, Tones and Beginning Consonant Cluster sounds. This Online Vietnamese Language Course  presents the information in a variety of formats to build your memory with repetition. For those interested in learning the Southern Vietnamese dialect in the United States, this may be the best way to learn Southern Vietnamese.

Course 1 – Southern Vietnamese | Alphabets, Vowels, Consonant Clusters & Tones for Beginners

Each are categorized into separate chapters and include easy to read charts for quick review. There are Vietnamese alphabet to English phonetic equivalents for each alphabet, vowel and consonant cluster.

Purpose: The purpose of this Online Vietnamese Language Course is to help you build a strong foundation for speaking and reading Southern Vietnamese with confidence. However, since Northern Vietnamese is the language of Vietnam, you will quite likely also learn the Northern dialect passively.

What’s Included:

  • Course 1 Study Book
    • Alphabets
    • Vowels
    • Tones
    • Beginning Consonant Clusters
  • Access to Digital Note Cards
  • Graded Assessments

If you are serious about your goal to learn Southern Vietnamese, we recommend that you complete the entire course along with the supplementary practice information. Be sure to access your course digital flashcards and take all the graded assessments. In this way, you will be prepared for more advanced study material in Course 2.



Additional Information:

You can learn Southern Vietnamese with the right tools and information. However, the best way to learn Southern Vietnamese (in my opinion) is in bite-sized pieces. Learn a little bit at a time, use and test what you know, and then move forward. With practice and use, you will certainly be able to learn Southern Vietnamese in Vietnam.

If you are not living in Vietnam, in my experience, you may have to use a yo-yo study process. For example, as mentioned, learn Southern Vietnamese a little bit at a time and then move forward to learn more. However, since you will likely get less real-life practice speaking Southern Vietnamese with a Southern Vietnamese speaker, you may have to occasionally digress slightly at times in order to fine-tune your language skills before moving even further along.

So, that’s the best way to learn Southern Vietnamese – in an organized and progressive manner with bite-sized pieces of information. You are invited to learn Southern Vietnamese with us in our Online Vietnamese Language Course. Take course 1 to see if you think it is the best way to learn Southern Vietnamese.