Southern Vietnamese Language (Course 2)

Course Title: Southern Vietnamese For Beginners (Course 2)
Location/Day/Time: Online/Any/Any
Textbook: Southern Vietnamese For Beginners – Diphthongs & Triphthongs (latest edition included with the online course)
Required Materials: Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone


This Southern Vietnamese Language Course is designed for you if you are already familiar with the Southern Vietnamese Alphabet, Vowels, and Beginning Consonant Cluster sounds. In addition, you should already be familiar with the tones. If you are not familiar with the aforementioned list of things, it is recommended that you start with Course 1.

Contact Info:
Instructor: Lyn


Course Description:

In this course, you will be introduced to the culture of speaking and listening for vowel clusters (diphthongs & triphthongs) in the Southern Vietnamese dialect.

Course Objectives:

The goal of this course is to help you learn how to read, listen, and speak words made up of (1) vowel clusters only, (2) consonant + vowel clusters, and (3) beginning consonant cluster + vowel cluster.

Course Topics/Sections:
  • Section 200 – Intro to Vowel Clusters
  • Section 201 – Beginning With A-
  • Section 202 – Beginning With E-
  • Section 203 – Beginning With I-
  • Section 204 – Beginning With O-
  • Section 205 – Beginning With U-
  • Section 206 – Beginning With Ư-
  • Section 207 – Beginning With Y-
Instructional Method: Lecture, PowerPoint, Reading Assignments
Assessment/Evaluation: Graded Exams


Accounts: Google Email Account (Gmail) is required.
Hardware: Internet Connection, WIFI, Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone
Applications: Google Classroom APP (optional)
Browser: We recommend all our students use the Chrome browser.

  • Chrome (current version is 80)
  • Firefox (current version is 74)
  • Windows only: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge
  • Mac only: Safari (current version is 13)

After paying for the course, you will be directed to an online classroom access information page. Enter “c2” to access the page in which you are directed.

This Online Vietnamese Language Course is only the second of three Southern Vietnamese for Beginners Language Courses. After completing Course 1, Course 2, and Course 3, you will be able to read, speak, and better enabled to listen to the different Southern Vietnamese dialects.

Southern Vietnamese Language Course