Vietnamese Diphthongs & Triphthongs

For those of you living in Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnamese diphthongs and triphthongs will sound quite different in Southern Vietnam. Therefore, if you are planning a move to Southern Vietnam or are an expat living in the Ho Chi  Minh City (Saigon) area, you may be interested in our Online Southern Vietnamese Language Course.

Vietnamese Diphthongs & Triphthongs

ai ao au ay âu ây eo êu ia
iu iêu oa oai oao oay oe oeo oi
oo ôi ơi ua uai uau uây ueo
ui uôi uy uya uyê uyu ưa ưi
ươi ươ ưu ươu yêu        

There are about 46 Vietnamese diphthongs and triphthongs in the Vietnamese language. Some of them like oo are rarely used when speaking while other diphthongs and triphthongs are used frequently in different words. Some Vietnamese diphthongs and triphthongs like uyê must have an ending consonant while others do not require an ending consonant. In fact, some Vietnamese diphthongs and triphthongs are actually stand alone words. For example, ai is the word for who and yêu is the word for love.

Southern Vietnamese Diphthongs & Triphthongs (Course 2)

Vietnamese Diphthongs & Triphthongs (Tablet)


As Southern Vietnamese for Beginners – Course 1 states, everything is the same, just different. Well, this is true for the Vietnamese diphthongs and triphthongs course as well. This course is a good primer for the final consonant sounds course because some Vietnamese diphthongs and triphthongs can only pair with specific ending consonants while others can pair with any ending consonant. You can learn about these rules and more in our Southern Vietnamese for Beginners Course Series. With practice, upon completion, you will be able to read and speak Southern Vietnamese!

Learning In The U.S.

You may be surprised to discover that Vietnamese it the fifth-most-spoken language in the U.S.! While some people speak the Northern Vietnamese dialect, there are many Vietnamese people in the U.S. that do not speak the Northern dialect. When learning to speak Vietnamese in the United States, I ended up having to be familiar with a variety of dialects. Therefore, it may be beneficial for you to at least be familiar with the sound of Vietnamese Diphthongs and Triphthongs in the North.


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