Vietnamese Language Videos Are Now Available!

Vietnamese Language videos are now available in our free Online Vietnamese Language Classroom. The videos are placed down below for your convenience. However, the videos are also inside the Google Classroom so you can get an idea of what to expect in one of our Online Vietnamese Language Courses. To get started with our free Vietnamese Language videos in the classroom you must have a Google Account. Then, you can (1) go to Google Classrooms, (2) look for the plus mark in the upper right-hand corner and (3) enter the class code provided below.


Once you have successfully joined the class, you can navigate directly to the courses linked below or continue navigating through the different courses in the online classroom.

Vietnamese Language Videos




  • Basic Vietnamese Greetings (North vs. South) – This video course will help you (1) recognize some of the differences between the Northern & Southern Vietnamese Dialects and (2) perhaps help you decide which dialect you would like to learn.


  • Vietnamese Number (0-10) – This video course introduces you to the classifier for numbers and teaches you how to pronounce numbers 0 – 10.


  • Days of The Week – This next Vietnamese Language video will help you learn the days of the week. If you have started learning the numbers, you are well on your way.