Vietnamese Language Course

Vietnamese Language Course

Welcome to our Vietnamese Language Course! This Vietnamese Language Course is an excellent way for you to learn how to quickly read and speak Vietnamese. Since our course is completely digital, it is easy for you to take this Vietnamese Language Course on-the-go wherever you may be!

Below you will find the books for Course 1, Course 2, and Course 3. The first 3 courses concentrate on reading and speaking Vietnamese. The course books include course specific digital flashcard access, charts, graphs, and graded quizzes. Each chapter has a section entitled: “A Closer Look”. This section helps you learn various strategies to easily learn and remember some of the information.

While some course provide an opportunity for vocabulary building, our vietnamese flashcards are designed to help build your vocabulary by categories (nouns, verbs, adjectives) and their related subcategories.

Some students may prefer taking our Online Vietnamese Language Course instead of our basic Vietnamese Language Course provided below. The Online Vietnamese Language Course is in a classroom format with audio presentations for each section of the related course book. The related basic Vietnamese Language Course book is included with the Online Vietnamese Language Course. With that said, our basic Vietnamese Language Course below is still quite comprehensive.

What To Expect Overall:

COURSE 1 BOOK – Southern Vietnamese | Alphabets, Vowels, Consonant Clusters & Tones for Beginners

Each are categorized into chapters with easy to read charts for review. There are English phonetic equivalents for each alphabet, vowel and consonant cluster.




Learn Southern Vietnamese

COURSE 2 – Southern Vietnamese | Diphthongs and Triphthongs

Each diphthong and triphthong is categorized and alphabetized by the first vowel. Chapters include a chart for a quick review of the English phonetic equivalents.




Book 3_Course 1_Cover

COURSE 3 – Southern Vietnamese | Ending Consonant Sounds & Rules

Each set of ending consonant sound rules is categorized by the ending consonant. Chapters include a reference guide for quick review.