Vietnamese Numbers (0-10)

0 không (Listen)
1 một (Listen)
2 hai (Listen)
3 ba (Listen)
4 bốn (Listen)
5 năm (Listen)
6 sáu (Listen)
7 bảy (Listen)
8 tám (Listen)
9 chín (Listen)
10 mười (Listen)

Learning the Vietnamese numbers is a great place to start learning Vietnamese for several reasons! The main reason is because learning the Vietnamese number can enable you to progress easily.

Days of The Week

For example, learning the days of the week is super easy if you know the Vietnamese numbers up to number seven. With 3 – 4 more words, you can quickly learn the days of the week.

Traveling In Vietnam

If you are living in or intend to visit Vietnam, continuing to learn the Vietnamese numbers will become even more important. The Vietnamese currency consists of very large bills. Therefore, you will definitely have to learn how to count in thousands, millions, and perhaps billions of dollars.