Vietnamese Numbers (11-20)

10 mười (Listen)
11 mười một (Listen)
12 mười hai (Listen)
13 mười ba (Listen)
14 mười bốn (Listen)
15 mười lăm (Listen)
16 mười sáu (Listen)
17 mười bảy (Listen)
18 mười tám (Listen)
19 mười chín (Listen)
20 hai mươi (Listen)

Congratulations on making it this far with your Vietnamese numbers! Knowing the numbers 10 through 20 will enable you to learn even more.

Months Of The Year

The months of the year are super easy once you know the Vietnamese numbers 1 through 12. You will literally only have to learn one additional word in order to master the months of the year.

Telling Time

Since you know your numbers beyond the number 12, you can now begin learning how to tell time! However, This will be even easier after viewing the next Vietnamese numbers video.